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Our Programs

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ISSHINRYU-KARATE Quest teaches lsshinryu which is a style of karate that originated in Okinawa. Literally translated, the word lsshinryu means "The OneHeart Way•. Karate-do signifies the practice of traditional Okinawan karate and the study of empty hand fighting focused on the development of one's character.

Self Defense

Quest offers courses and or private lessons in the defense of one's person or interests, especially through the use of phsycal force. Learn how to become self-aware, and take preventative measures while at the same time feeling secure to defend yourself in any given situation.

Cardio Kickboxing

Quest offers classes in cardio kickboxing which is a combination of karate strikes and kicks with cardio aerobic moves. Utilization of the heavy bag as well as free weights and mats. A great way to stay in shape!

Uechi-Ryu Karate

A complete form of Gung Fu from the Chinese system of Pangainoon in Fujian (Fukien) Province, China, derived from the Tiger, Dragon and Crane forms of chinese boxing. A respected and proven system of karate in Okinawa, Uechi Ryu is a Classical Chinese Okinawan Self Defense system where it's practitioners focus on fortifying and toughening their bodies using Chinese "Iron Body" training techniques or working on Kata (forms) and Kumite (Free-style Fighting). This style is characterized by the use of the Shoken Tsuki (Single Knuckle Punch), Wa Uke (Circle Block), Sokusen Geri (Toe Kick), Boshiken (Thumb Fist), and Nukite (Spearhand). Well know for its prowess and fighting, the Uechi Ryu fighter does his/her best work on the inside, where he/she will trap, grab, punch, sweep and kick the legs and torso in order to control and subdue his/her opponent.

Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport and a self defense system that focuses on grap-pling and especially ground fighting. BJJ pro-motes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using proper technique, leverage and most notably taking to the ground to per-form joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person.


Quest offers classes in martial arts handling of special weapons. Some examples of traditional Isshinryu weapons studied at Quest Karate are the Bo Staff, Sai, Tonfa and Nunchaku

Call Quest Karate Today at 908-876-9494 for a Free Trial Lesson