Sensei Tom Kately

Sensei Tom Kately - started his journey in martial arts training in Isshin-ryu karate in 1989. In 1993, he began to work with handicap and disabled children. Because of his experiences with these students, he fell in love with the art of teaching martial arts. Sensei Kately received his Shodan (1st) rank in 1995 and it was then that he began teaching in the Long Valley Community. While teaching at a local church, Mr. Kately earned his Nidan (2nd) degree in 1997.

Mr. Kately went on to earn his Sandan (3rd) degree in the year 2000. He then opened up his own Dojo that same year, which is the current Quest Karate Martial Arts location located at 59 East Mill Road in the Professional Center. He continued taking courses in teaching and creating a family, fun atmosphere while still reminding the students of maintaining their self discipline.

In 2003 he was promoted to Yondan (4th) degree. That same year he became affiliated with the Matheny School in Peapack NJ, where he began teaching the handicap and disabled residents. Mr. Kately still teaches at Matheny once a week and the students there are a part of the Quest Karate family.

Most recently in 2015, Mr. Kately was promoted to his current rank, Sichi Dan (7th) degree.